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Hellmouth returns with their newest and final installment of their three part concept trilogy aptly titled "Oblivion". With a journey taking us ever further down into the bowels of darkness, we see demonic twists and turns with genre morphing gliding effortlessly between metal, thrash and hardcore punk - creating nothing short of a masterful, and epic soundtrack to the end of days. ( DELUXE GATEFOLD LP or DELUXE DIGI PACK CD )

Pressing Info:
100 - HEAVY SPLATTER - Trans Orange with Opaque Metallic Gold / Bronze
100 - A SIDE / SIDE - Opaque Blue / Opaque Metallic Silver
300 - BLACK

Merch Info:
- Harrington HQ Lined Windbreakers
- Beimar Zipper Hoods

Track Listing:
1. Welcome To The Undertow
2. Fighting Off The Wolves
3. Filthy Seed 4. Blood Fire
5. One Million Hells
6. Dementia From The Vine
7. Fecal Parasite
8. Coliseum Oblivio
9. Dead In The Dirt
10. Snakes Of Change
11. Grey Turns Black
12. Fuck Your Gods
13. Hands Cold As Death
14. Leaving Us Empty
15. Blossoming In Blight
16. Pathetic Bullshit