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SAND - Death To Sheeple (deluxe) - CD

The one and only SAND usher in a new year with the deluxe US release of their 4th full length – “Death To Sheeple”. Clocking in as the Japanese heavy weights of beat down hardcore, the bands energy and style continues on their new album – carrying them on tour from continent to continent with a furious stage performance and an ever growing world wide fan base. Featured at Black and Blue Bowl, This Is Hard Core and many other national and international festivals, SAND sets the bar high with their polished sound and unique vision of American Hardcore. Features fresh cover art and 2 exclusive bonus tracks!

Merch info:
- All Style - Hoodies & Tees
- Harrington - Windbreakers, button up, lined with inside pocket
- Champion - Basket Ball Shorts w/ pockets

Track Listing:

1. The March Of Cruelty
2. Lalalala
3. Treatment (feat. Anarchy)
4. Drowsy
5. Vapid
6. Paint It Black
7. Breezy
8. Off The Table
9. Hazy
10. Straw Man
11. Intro
12. Smile (bonus)
13. Private Sand Beach (laugh mix) (bonus)