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Wisdom In Chains - The God Rhythm - Cassette Bundle

The reigning kings of Pennsylvania hardcore return in victory with their 5th studio album. The God Rhythm injects a continued evolution of awareness and intelligence into the genre, all while destroying cliches, unrelentlessly crossing boundaries and claiming those new territories, effectively ushering in a new era for the band. Mixing a hardline return and development of infectious oi! / punk hooks and courses, while maintaining their traditional hardcore roots - Wisdom In Chains clearly has pushed the envelope past capacity, and the result is their finest work to date. ( Limited Edition Throw Back Cassette Bundle // Only 40 sets available! )

Manufacturing Info:

100 - Clear Purple
100 - Opaque Yellow

Track Listing:

1. People Die
2. When We Were Young
3. Resonate
4. How Far Will You Go
5. Songs To My Killer
7. Mathematics
8. Fatherless
9. Best Of Me
10. The God Rhythm
11. Violent Americans
12. Joey Ramone
13. Skinhead Gang
14. Outro