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Wisdom In Chains - We Never Sleep

The kings of PA/HC return! We Never Sleep sets the stage for their forth coming LP, while paying tribute to controversial Product Of Waste front man "T-Pow", who died tragically this past fall. Side A' features 2 fresh WIC originals, with the band sounding more focused in their message than ever before, while Side B' features two Product Of Waste covers that showcase the bands vision of h/c, and T-Pow's hard line street life. Limited pressing of 600 copies. 200 Opaque Red w/ Brown. 200 Transparent Green w/ White. 100 Brown w/ White. 100 Gold w/ Gold Cover ( Cortex Records Exclusive ) 15 test presses. ( FIRST PRESSING IS SOLD OUT!! )

Second Pressing available now! 100 Opaque yellow w/ black. 100 clear with yellow. 100 trans blue with red ( Reality Records Exclusive ) 60 black,

Track Listing:

1. Exodus
2. When We Were Young
3. I Fight
4. Write My Name On The Wall