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Vehement Serenade - The Things That Tear You Apart

Vehement Serenade is the melting point for some of hardcore and metal’s premier acts, creating a pedigree that resembles something closer to super group than a modern Hardcore / Metal hybrid.
Lead by heavy weight veterans Karl Buechner - (Earth Crisis / Freya) Mike Cools - (Skarhead / Cro-Mags / Agents Of Man) Jamin Hunt - (Sworn Enemy / Hatework) Eddie Ortiz - (Sub-Zero / Cattle Press / Candiria) and Pauly Antignani - (Sworn Enemy) Cultivating and honing a style that embraces each member’s experience and history V.S. unites their strengths on their debut full length, that combines their specialized knowledge into a sound that ignites all 13 tracks with passion and fury. (Recorded and Produced by Joey Z of Life Of Agony at Method Of Groove Studios in Brooklyn NY. )

Track Listing:

1. Blood Lust
2. Skeletal Remains
3. Refuse The Lie
4. Between Seasons
5. Out The Zoo
6. Granite Shadows
7. Embrace The Outcast
8. Fight For Your Life
9. Pharmacide
10. The Things That Tear You Apart
11. Get Up, Wake Up, Rise Up, Wise Up
12. Fall Into Darkness
13. Sunrise